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Why Is the Precedence of Alsaeed University?

The precedence of Al-Saeed University comes as a result of many factors (e.g., the inauguration of typical departments featured by excellent laboratories and classrooms infrastructure, a well-qualified faculty teaching staff, and the availability of various facilities and supplements). The university improved its study plans to keep pace with the quality standards recognised by the best Arab and international universities. Furthermore, the university is keen to keep pace with global education and has many typical majors deemed to be locally new. Besides, it seeks to meet the needs of the local and foreign labour market through the outcome of its educational process.

Questions and Answers

What are the typical department in the university?

There are many departments in the university (e.g., Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratories, Nursing, Architecture, Computer Science, Information Technology, Clinical Nutrition, … etc.). Learn about the rest of the departments available by visiting colleges and centers).

What are the requirements for joining Al-Saeed University?

There are several procedures, the most important of which is filling out the application form for admission to the university and submitting the required documents on the dates specified for admission, passing the entrance exam if mandatory, paying the all-stipulated fees, and following any other procedures in the admission and registration manual.

Discounts in tuition fees? if yes, what are the conditions?

Yes, there are discounts as stated below:

For brothers: 15% discount.
Top ranked students: 10% discount.

Can we pay tuition fees in instalments?

Yes, tuition fees can be paid in instalments.

Are certificates accredited by the MHE?

Yes, Al-Saeed University is licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with a License No. (477) for the year 2004 AD

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