The Admission & Registration Management: Tasks & Duties
The admission and registration management is one of the main units in the university for its direct contact with students and for providing important services and instructions to them starting from the beginning of their admission process to the graduation day. The tasks and duties that the unit is in charge of are:
• Organizing the process of admission and registerration at the university in accordance with the relevant regulations and instructions. 
• Preparing a special file for each student in which all identification papers and academic results are kept. 
• Opening an electronic file for each student. 
• Preparing schedules associated with every track in each semester. 
• Solving all problems & conflicts-if any- that students may face during the registration process. 
• Preparing all statistics and information related to students and their academic results. 
• Editing graduation bonafides and issuing consolidated Memos and any other releant documents. 
• Preparing university certificates and organizing the graduation ceremony. 
• Following-up students with unsatisfactory performance and reporting them to the concerned authorities. 
• Preparing the honor list of students at the varioua colleges of the university. 
• Providing the granting agencies with the results of the students and preparing any necessary reports at the end of each semester. 
• Issuing the annual university calendar. 
• Issuing the annual student guide.


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