Local and regional Leadership in the quality of education, scientific research and community service in medical and health sciences.

Providing the highest quality educational and research services to graduate qualified and specialized students possessing knowledge, skills, and competitiveness in medical and health sciences; that is through a pioneering educational environment featured by modern means and up-to-date technologies, research programs, and a qualified teaching staff, so as to meet the needs of our community, the requirements of the local, regional, and international labor market and to consolidate effective partnership with community and other concerned parties to achieve sustainable development.

1. Preparing academically and professionally competent graduates in medical and health sciences according to standards of quality.
2. Expanding the provision of medical and health sciences programs to meet the growing demands of the health sector in providing qualified health personnel.  
3. Developing students’ applied skills and practical training using up-to-date scientific equipment.
4. Encouraging and supporting scientific research through an effective partnership between the faculty and public and private health authorities.
5. Promoting the spirit of honesty and accuracy among faculty affiliates and the commitment to the ethics and regulatory measures of the profession.


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