Qualifying, Training and Community Service Center was established after considering:
• The resolution of the Republic of Yemen stated in Law No. (13) of 2005 AD regarding universities, higher institutes and private colleges; and on the basis of: 
• The executive regulations of the Universities, Higher Institutes, and Private Colleges' Law No. (140) of 2007 AD.
• The basic system of Al-Saeed University.
• The resolution of Al-Saeed University Council No. 4 of the year 2017 AD.
• The resolution No. 32 issued by  President of the University in 2017 AD. 
• The approval of the establishment of the qualifying, training and community service center meant for the interest of the public.
General Goal: 
The center aims to implement the university's objectives in serving the community, and to promote effective partnership with public and private community institutions. That is by providing many outstanding services consisted in qualifying, training, and continuous education.
Procedural Objectives:
• Preparing for qualifying diploma programs to: meet the need of the community, individuals and institutions; continue advancing knowledge; sharpen individual skills; engage in the labour market, and enhance performance level among the employees of public and private sectors.
• Introducing open-ended and flexible programs and adopting an effective system for vocational guidance and counselling that aim to develop the individuals and the different aspects of their personalities (e.g., knowledge - skills - attitudes - habits - values) so that the outputs of such programs and systems enable people to continue higher technical and university education that best matches individuals' different tendencies, preparedness levels and abilities, taking into account individuals' differences.
• Organizing and holding symposiums, conferences, workshops, panel discussions on issues of concern to society in order to take part in raising awareness about such issues and actively contribute to providing scientific and procedural solutions to the issues addressed.
The center's Fields of Work
The center's fields of work are determined by the function of the university in serving the community, individuals and institutions, through its activities in the areas of: 
• Qualifying diploma programs, including: administrative, humanitarian, technical, and medical-applied programs.
• Training programs and enhancing the level of cognitive, professional and valuable skills.

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