Leading quality education, and scientific research & serving society locally & regionally. 
To provide the highest quality educational and research services to graduate qualified and specialized cadres, possessing knowledge, skills and ability to compete with others in various fields. This is through modern academic and research programs, a qualified teaching staff, a pioneering educational structure, modern means and up-to-date technologies to meet the needs of the community and the requirements of the local and international labor market and to enhance effective partnership with stakeholders so as to achieve sustainable development of the country.
1.  Professional commitment.
2. Quality.
3. Community partnership.
4. Creativity & innovation.
5. Social responsibility.
1. Seeking to achieve the scientific goals included in the constitution and the goals of universities stipulated in the Law of Yemeni Universities
2. Contributing to the advancement of higher education in Republic of Yemen.
3. Preparing competitive and professionally excellent specialized graduates in medical, health, humanities, administrative, technical and engineering sciences.
4. Finding common grounds to unify the identity of the generations through educational curricula that deepen national values.
5. Reinforcing a meaningful culture that aims at promoting the attributes of a scholar personality and the sound cognitive and scientific formation among students.
6. Reinforcing the right vision that stems from science and comprehensive knowledge and its perception of the universe, man and life.
7. Deepening the scientific, academic and cultural links with universities, colleges, scientific institutions and corresponding specialized research centers inside and outside the country.
8. Encouraging scientific research, supporting its activities, and fostering creativity and innovation to take part in achieving sustainable development.
9. Continuous improvement & development of the academic & research programs, and students & administrative services in accordance with national accreditation requirement standers.
10. Contributing to community service and achieving its comprehensive and sustainable development.


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