The unit looks forward to achieving leadership & quality in providing services & training expertise for academic & research work & community service, aiming to: achieve academic accreditation for the university & satisfy the beneficiaries.

The mission of the unit is represented in: the continuous development of the educational programs at the university, the development of teaching & research skills & community service, ensuring the employment of modern technology in teaching, learning & scientific research, the evaluation of the quality of academic performance, the development of the administrative skills of academic & administrative leaders at the university, and  developing effective teaching & communication skills among students so that the university achieve competitiveness locally, regionally & globally.

In the context of the vision & mission of the unit, the objectives are defined below:

1. Working to gain the trust of the local, regional & international community in terms of scientific & educational outputs, the services & various expertise the university experiences.

2. Proposing a general policy for evaluating academic performance & ensuring its quality in the affiliated faculties & centres of the university.

3. Developing systems & implementing standards for evaluating the quality of education & the efficiency of academic & administrative activities in the affiliated faculties & centres of the university.

4. Spreading the culture of assessment, academic development and quality assurance in all the activities of the university units & their outputs; educating university employees about the importance of adopting the philosophy of quality & academic accreditation & enforcing it to update & better the performance of the university, & to promote all educational units & departments at the university.

5. Ensuring comprehensive quality and academic accreditation, & encouraging all scientific units & departments in the university to take part in meeting the academic accreditation & distinction requirements when it comes to academic competitions among the local, regional and international universities.

6. Assessing & improving the content of the study programmes, as well as developing the how-to evaluate and improve such programs and how to link them to the requirements of society & the needs of the labour market in conformity with timing factors & the characteristics & requirements of the future.

7. Caring about sectors concerned with the academic & administrative process, evaluating & improving their performance.

8. Keeping pace with advancements in science, knowledge, and the tremendous technical progress witnessed by academic institutions locally, regionally & globally.

9. Developing the organisational structure of the unit.

10. Linking the organisational structure of the unit along with its tasks to the various quality levels of academic work in departments, colleges and centres of the university; and at the level of senior management through the establishment of academic performance development unit & quality assurance units throughout the hierarchical organisation levels of the university.

11. Satisfying the parties benefiting from the university's services through studies, research, conferences, meetings, & various scientific activities.

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