Alsaeed Journal for Humanities and Applied Sciences

Alsaeed Journal was founded in 23/05/2017 in accordance with the resolution No. (24) dictated by the president of the university. The first publication was in September 2017 BC. The journal is issued tri-quarterly.

The Vision of the Journal

The Journal aspires excellence and leadership through the publication of scientific research peer-reviewed locally, regionally and internationally.

The Mission of the Journal

The journal seeks to be a scientific reference in humanities and applied science through the publication of scientific peer-reviewed researches in fields of humanities and applied science in accord with the standards of research quality assurance and scholarly publication, participating in the spread of the culture of the scientific research, contributing to the development of science and knowledge, achieving excellence high ranks among Internationally indexed journals and periodics.

The Journal aims to achieve the followings:

-Encouraging researchers to publish their scientific research and draw attention to their research activities locally, regionally and internationally.
- Directing scientific research to community service, and contributing to addressing its issues and problems, according to solid scientific foundations.
- Contributing to the development of scientific research, and disseminating knowledge methods.
-Spreading the culture of scientific research and promoting its various activities in the humanities and applied fields.
-Strengthening contact and relationship with local, Arab and foreign universities, as well as the corresponding scientific centers.


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