1- The applicant must have a high secondary school certificate or an equivalent certificate in which the grade point average (GPA) meets the requirements of the university. 
2- The student must submit the required documents on time.
3 - The applicant must fill the application form for admission to the university or its affiliated colleges.  
4 - The student must meet the requirements of registration and admission specified.
5 - Passing qualifying exams (Entrance) successfully in the colleges. 
6- The student must pay the tuition fees prescribed for each college, department and major.
7- The student must undertake to abide by all regulations, and instructions dictated by the university.
8- Students must have studied the qualifying subjects in high school to be admitted to the departments they opt for. 
9- For joining the university, the applicant must not have been previously dismissed from any university.
10- Documents obtained from outside the Republic of Yemen must be verified, authenticated, and approved by the competent authorities in Yemen and the country of issuance. 
Required documents upon admission and registration 
• The origin of the high secondary school certificate with a photocopy.
• A zerox of the ID card.
• The filled registration form. 
• Filling out the form from the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research for registration.
• Ten modern white background photos (4x6), 
• Paying the fees stipulated. 


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