Local and regional Leadership in the quality of education, scientific research and community service in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

To graduate qualified and specialized students capable of competing with locally and internationally; through a modern program that cope with the contemporary educational and research qualities, a qualified teaching staff, and a pioneering educational environment so as to meet the requirements of community and the needs of the labor market and reinforcing the national and international partnership.

1. Preparing clever pharmacists able to compete practically and professionally
2. Contributing to the development of the higher education in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.
3. Developing high quality knowledge, information, capabilities and pharmaceutical skills of students.
4. Strengthening scientific and academic links with corresponding departments and programs in universities, colleges, and research centers.
5. Encouraging creativity and innovation in fields of pharmaceutical sciences and contributing to community service & achieving sustainable development.

Areas of Work for the graduates of the program
1. Community and hospital pharmacies
2. Pharmaceutical Industry.
3. Wholesale drug stores 
4. International and national health organizations.
5. Pharmaceutical marketing and medical representatives
6. Pharmacovigilance centers
7. Academic and Research Institutions

 Study Plan:

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Program Specification

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Course Specification

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Pharmaceutical field training

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