The Library is the home and club of thinkers, readers, researchers, scholars, and intellectuals. It has become a source of guidance, awareness, and public opinion. In spite of the fact that it plays an important role in the development and enlightenment of scientific, literary and religious thought,  it is an important tool in building national awareness. Welcoming  all segments of society and its institution increases its significance. Besides, the library enjoys a network of public, local, regional, international relations, and twinning with Arab and global libraries for more in-depth references, sources and information to share knowledge and experiences. 
Due to risks, threats, wars and conflicts that the world is witnessing at various levels, which are characterized by complexity and overlap, most countries of the world have become dependent on thought, science, and knowledge to propose solutions to challenges to curb them before turning into a danger that is difficult to control. Therefore, interest in the role of the library, providing it with scientific, specialized, and cultural books- be that hard copies or soft ones- especially with the increase in scientific progress and the rapid development of the digital revolution have increased.
Consequently, Al-Saeed University seeks to pay heed to its library to make it a beacon for science and scientists and a destination for researchers and visitors, ensuring that  significant  sources of information such asscientific books, various papers and electronic knowledge is guaranteed so that the university can carry out its tasks in research, study, education, education, and enlightenment. The library provides services like guidance, lending, Internet, electronic archiving, assisting library visitors or visitors, directing them to benefit from the available information, promoting  the act of scientific research, and providing students and researchers with the culture of library to enable them reach the optimal use of the library's holdings to help them study and conduct their various activities.
The library seeks to aspire the academic and research of Al-Saeed University Students and researchers, and to meet their needs for modern and diverse sources of information that keep a pace with the tremendous developments in the fields of scientific research, and meet the educational and professional needs of the community.
Providing high-quality information services to university students and researchers, and the those deemed external, seeking to take part in  many scientific databases that serve all disciplines and programs at Al-Saeed University.
Al-Saeed University Library aims to:
1. Supervise the library's inventory process.
2. Computerize book data and issuing lists for library contents.
3. Provide guidance services to readers and researchers from inside and outside the university.
4. Provide the library with scientific research, master's and doctoral theses.
5. Provide audio-visual aids, tapes, and CDs.
6. Enhance development programs to achieve quality, excellence in performance, and service delivery.
7. Activate the necessary programs to enhance communication and cooperation with libraries and national research centers in order to enrich the library with scientific theses.
8. Enhance the list of dedication, and exchange to enrich the library's holdings of books, and information containers available at libraries and research centers.
9. Keep pace with the latest types of technology in the field of libraries and information and harnessing them to serve students and faculty members.
10. Draw up the general policy for the library's activity in coordination with the university leadership..
The tasks of the  Library are determined by the following:
Proposing work plans in the library, discussing them with the university leadership, and proposing systems and regulations for organizing work in the library.
Follow-up of the deans of colleges and heads of departments in providing references and resources to install them for the digital library lab and then providing students with everything new related to the departments, programs and specializations at the university.
Preparing a plans for the real-time needs of the various faculties of books and references in the light of the prescribed appropriations.
Providing the necessary library materials for the university, examining them, processing them, and then preservation, binding, maintenance, inventory, supervising their loan, monitoring their use, gifting, and exchanging them in accordance with the provisions of this regulation.   
Develop all measures to solve problems, overcome challenges, address deficits and shortcomings, as well as develop possible and implementable alternatives.


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